In God´s Heart

Author: Anthony Strano

Artist: Sigrun Olsen


"On the jeweled pages of this lovely book, we find the eternal call and response of God and the seeker. It is a classic story of search and recovery, of being lost and then found, and of the myriad beautiful relationships between God and His children. Anthony Strano´s poetic verses and Sigrun Olsen´s golden illustrations inspire on every page. This book is a treasure - not to be missed."

Judy Rodgers, Communications consultant

Judyy Rodgers, Communications Consultant



Author: Anthony Strano

Artist: Sigrun Olsen

This book is a series of 17 plus 1 reflections which invite the reader to go on a fascinating journey, a journey through human history, a journey to the centre of the self. Each page holds a world of ideas, reflected in colourful artwork intended to help the reader go deeper inside and come closer to eternal truths.

36 Jewels for Life

Text: Anthony Strano

Artist: Sigrun Olsen

Within each and every human being there are hidden treasures of positive and powerful qualities. Some of them we may be aware of, but some have yet to be discovered.

The pack includes 36 virtue cards and guidelines for how to use the cards in everyday life for personal empowerment and growth.

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